Structure of Wards, Branches, CLP and LCF

Working out how everything fits together can seem a bit of a maze – but don’t let that put you off as there’s a common goal: ensuring the party remains open & democratic and maintaining contact between the party, the people and the government.

Our structure and our open policy development process enables more people than ever before to have their say.

You may find Peter Marsh Jenks’ presentation on the slightly confusing county and constituency structure useful. Download the PowerPoint show here.

Branches and Meetings

Monmouth Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

Monmouth Constituency Labour Party (CLP) is the overarching body for Labour members in the Monmouth Constituency and all members may attend General Committee (GC) meetings the All Member Meetings, which happen every other month on the third Thursday from 7.30 till Usk. The meetings circulate around the larger centres of population.

It deals with all party, policy, and campaigning matters except those relating to local government and deals with elections for MEPs, MPs, AMs etc.

Who can attend: all members of all branches, excluding Severnside Branch (not in the Monmouth Constituency)


(referred to as AMM meetings, or Monmouth CLP AMM meetings):

3rd Thursday in February, April, (AGM in May) June, August, October and December at 7.30pm. Meetings revolve around the larger centres of population and are notified well in advance.


Rules & documents

  • Constitution: download here
  • Standing Orders: download here
  • Rules for Branches: download here

Monmouthshire Local Campaigning Forum (LCF)

The Monmouthshire Local Campaigning Forum (LCF) deals with all local government matters relating to MCC including the election of Councillors and liaison with the Labour Group on MCC. The LCF meets every other month in Usk (i.e. alternately with the CLP). There is inevitable crossover between the CLP and the LCF and both bodies work closely together.

Who can attend: all members of all branches, excluding Afon Lwyd Branch (not in Monmouthshire)


3rd Thursday in January, March, May (AGM), July, September and November. in the Sessions House at Usk.


Rules & documents

  • Constitution: download here
  • Standing Orders: download here


All members are part of a ward. Most wards have about 1,500 voters and elect one councillor. There are 33 Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) wards and 4 Torfaen Borough Council (TBC) wards in the Monmouth Constituency. Wards do not contain enough members to meet on their own. Members in a ward do, however, have a say in who stands for election as a local councillor every four years.

Wards are grouped together in branches. Most meet between 6 and 12 times a year and all members in that group of wards are welcome to attend. Branches discuss and agree local policies and campaigns to promote the Labour Party. They are the heart of the Party and play an essential role in campaigning.

Bryn-y-Cwm Branch (Abergavenny area)

Members living in these wards may attend: Cantref, Castle, Croesonen, Crucorney, Grofield, Goytre Fawr, Lansdown, Llanelly Hill, Llanfoist Fawr, Llanover, Llanwenarth Ultra, Mardy, Priory

Lower Wye Branch (Chepstow area)

Members living in these wards may attend: Caerwent, Devauden, Larkfield, Portskewett, Shirenewton, St Arvans, St Christopher’s, St Kingsmark, St Mary’s, Thornwell

  • Meets: 2nd Tuesday of each month in Chepstow Methodist Church Hall, Albion Square, Chepstow, NP16 5DA at 7.30pm

Central Monmouthshire Branch

Members living in these wards may attend: Dixton With Osbaston, Drybridge, Llanbadoc, Llangybi Fawr, Llantillio Crossenny, Mitchel Troy, Overmonnow, Raglan, Trellech United, Usk, Wyesham

  • Meets: 2nd Thursday of each month – back room of the Queen’s Head Pub Monmouth (1 St James’ St, Monmouth, Gwent NP25 3DL). Meetings start at 7pm and usually last until about 9pm (but duration sometimes varies).

Afon Lwyd Branch (Croesyceiliog area)

Members living in these wards may attend: Croesceiliog North, Croesceiliog South, Llanyrafon West, Llanyrafon East & Ponthir (these members may also attend Monmouth CLP meetings but not Monmouthshire LCF, as they are not in Monmouthshire)

Severnside Branch (Magor and Caldicot area)

Members living in these wards may attend: Caldicot Castle, Dewstow, Green Lane, Mill, Portskewett, Rogiet, Severn, The Elms, West End (these members may also attend Monmouthshire LCF meetings but not Monmouth CLP, as they are in the Newport East Constituency)