Labour storms forward in Monmouth and Wales as we return to our Labour roots

Congratulations to our excellent candidate Ruth Jones and everyone who supported the Labour campaign in the Monmouth Constituency.

While we are disappointed not to have taken the seat this time, we won a significant reduction of around a third in the Tory majority and an increase of over 43% in the Labour vote. This reflects the strong move to Labour right across Wales and the UK.

It is clear Teresa May and her arrangement with the extreme right in Northern Ireland cannot survive.

Another election is a certainly, possibly as soon as the autumn. The last time we had two elections in a year was 1974. The second election returned a majority Labour Govermment that lasted 5 years and introduced much of the socially progressive legislation we still have today.

Monmouth Labour party and our excellent campaigning members are up for the fight.

We won a clear swing towards Labour and we all know how a swing works – The harder you push it the higher it goes!

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